Jumat, 18 Januari 2013

Everyday Outfit

 Hello this is me. You can call me aurel :D
This is my first time posting my outfit. So i don't like i used to share much. Hehe. But i will tell you about my outfit. 

I am wearing: 
Shirt (unbranded), Red cardigan (mango), Neon shorts (unbranded), 
Bracelet (wakai), Shoes (from Korea), Earrings (from Singapore).


 That's all for this time. Thanks for visiting and reading my blog. Have a nice day guys. :{D

Kamis, 21 Juni 2012

My First Time in Blogging

Yeaaay! It has been a long time that i want to make a blog. And now I have a blog. My friend help to make this blog. Now I want to post the first post, contains some photos that I captured. Hope you like it.

Okay that's all from me now. See yaa. xoxo :{D